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The wedding – one of the most exciting moments in every woman’s life. The day when two soulmates join in their common destiny and start their future life together. It takes months of both preparation and inspiration to create the perfect memory of that day. This is what each and every bride dreams of. To her this day is not only the time to fulfill her innermost desires but also the celebration of beauty and sophistication. Hardly is there any more exciting feeling than that to share this special moment with the person you love. Every woman aspires to perfection. She aims at providing the best for herself and her guests. She considers diligently all aspects of the forthcoming ceremony even, paying attention even to the slightest detail – the theme, the invitation cards, the wedding decoration, the flowers, the wedding bouquet, the wedding decoration of flowers.

The wedding bouquet is definitely one of the elements of primary importance of every wedding. This is what makes it very difficult for most brides to choose the most suitable flowers for their wedding bouquet and the wedding decoration of flowers for the hall of the ceremony. Not only is the wedding bouquet exceptionally beautiful, but it could also help every bride to put the finishing touch to her ravishing appearance. The bouquet flowers contribute to the wedding atmosphere with their unique colours and hidden symbolic meaning. The message of the wedding bouquet could become the most appropriate ending of every wedding day.


The wedding bouquet and the choice of the wedding decoration of flowers are, undoubtedly, a very important part of this special holiday. The presence of the wedding bouquet follows a tradition of exceptional beauty which originated in ancient times. In those days the purpose of the wedding bouquet was to make it possible for the bride and the groom to express their feelings to each other by means of the flowers. The wedding bouquet was meant to show publicly that they would start their journey on the difficult road to eternity together. Today, the wedding bouquets are still an indispensable part of the wedding ritual

All this explains the existence of so many interpretations of the perfect wedding bouquet at the market. As is the case with the wedding decoration of flowers. It is absolutely up to you to decide which wedding bouquet to choose. This choice depends entirely on your desire and preference. In our practice, however, we have noticed that in making their choice of the wedding bouquet most brides prefer to put an emphasis on the theme of the wedding. They tend to  start an endless search of their wedding bouquet and consideration of its features. They hope to find a second-to-none boutique to make their individuality and beauty stand out. What they actually find, however, is only bouquets of one and same kind

This is the time when Boutique Lilia could be at your service and help you to find the inspiration you need. We will impress you with our originality and the capacity to assist you in making your best choice of your wedding bouquet and wedding decoration of flowers.


While the wedding bouquet is one of the most difficult choices for the brides to make, the wedding decoration of flowers is one of the most impressive elements of the whole ceremony for the guests to notice.
Only few people are sufficiently talented to create a flawless combination of the wedding theme with all the necessary details and elements. Ladies’ flair for natural beauty and flowers is a leading force which helps them to choose the wedding bouquet and decoration. No always, however, does the bride have a clear idea what exactly her wedding bouquet and decoration will be. This is when we stand beside her!

Every season we rely on the flight of our imagination to create new and more sophisticated wedding bouquets and decorations of flowers.
We do our best to offer you only perfectly-designed wedding bouquets and decorations because we realize the importance of the perfect organization of this day for the future newlywed couple.
We are abreast of all the current fashion trends in the arrangement of wedding bouquets and decorations. But above all, we take into consideration your preferences for the wedding decoration of flowers.
It is your choice whether to decide on more colour combinations or not, to focus on the classy white colour or to be bold and daring and opt for intense lilac and light pink. Whatever choice you make- we will do our utmost to create your perfect wedding decoration
We have created plenty of original and interesting compositions of wedding bouquets and decorations of flowers. We firmly believe that Boutique Lilia will satisfy all you demands for your wedding decorations of flowers and your wedding bouquet.


Before you contact us about your wedding bouquet and wedding decoration you’d better have a look at our site and choose the flowers you would like to have for the ceremony. In this way we will be able to focus on what is most important for you – the way your bouquet looks. Beware that it is advisable to have a good combination of the wedding bouquet and the wedding decoration of flowers. This means that they both should be arranged from the same kind of flowers and in the same colour nuances. Moreover, the wedding decoration depends largely on the place of the wedding ceremony. Certain places are so impressive that they need very plain arrangement. In such cases it is recommendable to have a simple wedding decoration and pay more attention to the luxury of the wedding bouquet.
You can order your wedding bouquet or wedding decoration at the following number : 0885996552 or e-mail address g.manov@internetreklama.bg